Reaper & Saffire Pro40 – External Hardware Integration

2015-12-01 09_43_18-Untitled - Saffire MixControl

If you’ve got audio generated by or recorded in Reaper that you’d like to run through external hardware via your Saffire Pro40, this walk-through is for you.

Hardware setup

Before you make any connections, make sure that your monitors are off, your headphones are unplugged, and all gain knobs on the Pro40 and your external gear are all the way down.  Whenever you’re looping anything out of and back into your interface, you run the risk of creating a feedback loop.  In the event that you miss a step and produce a loop, leaving your monitors off and gains low will give you a chance to see any visual indications of feedback on the meters before you damage any equipment.

To set up your hardware signal path, (more…)


ASIO4ALL – A Must for PC Users

So, you’ve finally decided to jump into the world of digital audio.  You downloaded a program or two, maybe even bought yourself a MIDI controller, and you’d like to get started.  You’ve figured out how to load and record a virtual instrument.  Things are looking good.

But . . .

There’s a horrible lag between when you press a key on your midi controller and when the note sounds.  You notice the same lag when you press play, stop, or any of the other transport controls.  But worst of all, you can only load a couple of plugins before your computer starts to stutter.  You thought you had a fast machine, but your modest project has sent the CPU meter through the roof.  Between this stutter and the lag, there’s very little room for creativity. (more…)