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  1. hi please excuse me
    i posted similar comments
    before i read that i could ask questions directly.

    i’m a musician new to launchpad,
    i love it.

    i went through the FIRST tutorial and it worked gr8.
    ( though settings don’t seem to save. so you have
    to start from scratch each time )

    i was wondering if you had a chance to test this second
    tutorial on a MAC yet?
    or if maybe you knew of a link where someone had?

    I have macbook pro core i5 + ableton suite

    i really want learn to perform shows with Launchpad,
    but not sure where to start. do you have any insights?

    i don’t know if you’ve heard of “edison”
    i’m trying to learn get a set up going like him ( using my own sounds of course )

    thx for such a complete a thorough tutorial especially
    including all files need to do it
    i for one really appreciate you, sharing your knowledge

    Best Regards
    :: Will

    i recently found a tutorial by tom cosm that has been very useful for
    working with launchpad that you might find interesting

    1. Hi Will,

      Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to test this second setup on a Mac and I’ve not seen any other tutorials of the same nature for a mac. Should you stumble across any solutions, please let me know and I’ll add them to the tutorial. I can only say that I think doing part 2 on a mac will be easier because you’ll be able to use the built in applecore audio as your midi router rather than needing to install midiYoke. The interface for AppleCore will be different, but you’ll be doing the same thing. Somewhere in that applecore menu is a midi settings tab or button; open it when you have all other programs set up and running. Then set up a MIDI channel to come out of Max5/Polygome and then into your DAW of choice. Should do the trick. This tutorial has helped others with this:

      As for adding this to your performances, once you have things running the way you’d like, it should be as simple as buying a 1/8th inch stereo miniplug to two 1/4″ (left and right) adapter. That will allow you to jack into just about any mixer or DI. Just set the latency (in applecore or in your DAW) as low as you can get it without the sound stuttering.

      As for getting Edison’s setup, it looks like he’s using two launchpads: One for mlr and the other dedicated to launching clips in ableton. Part one of the tutuorial should get you up and running with mlr, but I’ve really not used the launchpad for clip launching at all. I know that’s what I’m supposed to use it for, but all I really wanted was a monome.

      You can expect a general guide to integrating mlr with your live performances in the near future.

      oh oh oh PS

      In order to save you have to go into the options menu and save a project there. I’m not in front of my machine right now (on vacation) so I’ll give you the details when I get back in a couple days.

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