Released Material

Julianne Mason: Part One, The Fire

I had a blast recording Tom (of From Below) and Julianne.  The deliberately distorted piano aesthetic was tricky, but totally worth it in the end.  Blog post outlining a few of the techniques used in this record to be forthcoming.


Downcity Armory – Merch for a Purpose

Machinae produced project DownCity Armory is trying out a new concept:  Merch With a Purpose.  I’ll let Todd explain:

We’re fixing this campaign so that if we don’t raise the amount we want, everyone will be refunded their contribution, so it’s really important we reach our goal! But check those perks; it includes a couple of awesome goodies that are exclusive to donors who pledge a certain amount. As an added bonus, each perk option automatically includes a charitable donation that we will make in your name to the charity or non-profit of your choice.* All you have to do is tell us which one. We’ll even help you get a tax deductible receipt for it, if applicable. So if you already donate regularly to a specific non-profit, or have never donated to a cause and always wanted to, here is a way to get some cool merch and music for your gift. And remember: your money is going to help non-profits and local businesses. The band keeps nothing. That’s what Downcity Armory is all about, and you make that happen.

As of now, there is only about 56 hours left, so check out some new electronic music and donate to the cause of your choice.