Month: April 2010

A Taste of What’s Possible (Also, a Shameless Plug)

Seeing as I’ve been posting Launchpad how-to’s, I thought I should also share what it’s capable of.  A lot of the video demonstration of the Launchpad are duds, and I don’t want anyone left with the impression that it’s less of an instrument.

This thing really is worth the $200.



Make it Go: The Launchpad as Monome (Part 1 – Startup and MLR)

So, you’ve finally got yourself a launchpad.  You’ve installed the drivers and the ‘Launchpad Edition’ of Ableton Live. . . .

. . . and you are totally underwhelmed.

The clip launching is nice but that’s not what you got it for, is it?  You want to slice clips, make drones, and step sequence monome style.

Well, you can.  And, contrary to the instructions that come with the Launchpad would have you believe, you don’t have to spend a dime on Max4Live, or a full version of Ableton Live, or a full version of Automap.  Everything you need to geek out with your grid is available for free.  And I’ve collected it all in one convenient place. (more…)