Month: February 2010

Too Many Plugins

It’s time for me to come clean.

I have too many plugins.

A couple years ago, when freeware plugin creation became very popular, I developed a very bad habit.  When I saw a plugin that I liked, or thought might work in a new and interesting way, I would immediately download it.  Then I would usually find every other plugin by that creator and download it, also.  Then I would separate the effects from the instruments and organize them by creator.  And then I told myself that I would use it later. (more…)


Does My Music Have to be Mastered?

Here’s a question I recently heard from an electronic music beginner (paraphrased):

“Are my tracks be less likely to be played by a dj in a club/pro-sound setting if they’re not as loud as other commercial tracks, even though the DJ could adjust for the difference in loudness?”

Technically, you’re right about the DJ’s ability to adjust for the difference.  A capable DJ who’s interested in your music has the tools available to make your mix fit, but there’s more to it than that. (more…)