Month: December 2009

ASIO4ALL – A Must for PC Users

So, you’ve finally decided to jump into the world of digital audio.  You downloaded a program or two, maybe even bought yourself a MIDI controller, and you’d like to get started.  You’ve figured out how to load and record a virtual instrument.  Things are looking good.

But . . .

There’s a horrible lag between when you press a key on your midi controller and when the note sounds.  You notice the same lag when you press play, stop, or any of the other transport controls.  But worst of all, you can only load a couple of plugins before your computer starts to stutter.  You thought you had a fast machine, but your modest project has sent the CPU meter through the roof.  Between this stutter and the lag, there’s very little room for creativity. (more…)



I am an audio/video editor and recording engineer with 5 years of experience doing things on a very small budget, and what my experience has taught me the following:

1. Audio / video recording and editing, and the technology involved therein, has moved forward leaps and bounds in recent years and shows no sign of stopping.  What was once impossible on a consumer budget is now simple provided you have an idea about where to begin.

2. There is a lot to confuse the newcomer.  The industry is full of jargon, some of which was invented by an equipment manufacturer to make their product sound special, and some of which actually means something.  Also, people with experience in the audio and video worlds tend to be either tight-lipped about what they know, or unable to express it.

I think most people who’ve come into contact with the world of digital media sense that they have access to the tools they need (#1) but don’t know where to start or how to describe what they wish to fix (#2).

I hope to aid the newcomer through articles on this blog.  So please, click around, and see if you can learn something new.  If you can’t find the answer to your question or a solution to your problem, visit the questions page and ask me directly.

Good Luck,

Phil Petrie
Machinae Soundscapes